I’m a 20 year old aspiring world traveler, born and raised in Sacramento, California. Usually, I am located in Seattle for my studies at University of Washington majoring in International Studies and minoring in Food Studies.  I’ve just come back from the adventure of a lifetime – studying at King’s College London for the semester.  I have always had a thirst for experiencing new places and my chapter in London was only the beginning of a travel-filled life.  I’ll be adventuring through parts of Europe and the United Kingdom and updating here, so keep in touch! I’m a guilty movie goer, book nerd, and lover of all things cooking related.  I’m an avid gardener and amateur chef working through my collection of cookbooks and testing them out on willing friends and family, sometimes annoyingly so (but hey, that’s the duty of a youngest sibling!).  You can easily win my heart with a new adventure, cut-out recipe, cheesy movie, good read and a brilliant cup of tea.

Enjoy the ramblings,

Laura Reed


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14 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

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  2. “You can easily win my heart with a new adventure, cut-out recipe, cheesy movie, good read and a brilliant cup of tea.” Can I win your heart with a bouquet of roses….? Would love to meet you when you make it to this side of the pond!


  3. Laura – you sound awesome. You’re in Seattle?! I am applying to grad school (physical therapy) at UWA! I have only heard amazing things but have actually never been there myself (second road trip will bring me there, for sure)

    SO glad that you are taking the time to study abroad – I truly wish that I had done the same when I was in college! You are going to have an amazing adventure… EU is the best for easy yet remarkable travels (I speak as though I know from experience… one day!).

    Thank you so much for your interest in my blog… it’s not quite where I’d like it to be but I am excited that you’re along for the ride! I look forward to watching your traveling (and eating) adventures.

    Take wonderful photos and have the best of travels!



    • Wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful words! Yes, I’m brand new to this whole blogging thing but I’m so incredibly excited to get on with traveling and all the experiences that come with it. Your blog is beautiful and so interesting, I definitely enjoy reading it! Looking forward to seeing the changes and updates! I’d love to stay in touch and make some blog buddies!


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  4. Wow, Laura, you are a great blogger! Have a wonderful time in London. Devin so enjoyed his semester there. And the markets were his favorite thing. I will keep up with you on your blog. Be safe and keep posting pics!!!


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