LA + Last Days of Summer

So, I might just be a bit crazy.  I’ve only just got off a plane and a quick girls’ trip to LA for the necessary boy band concert and in only 24 hours I’ll be beginning the grand adventure to London for my study abroad.  Keeping busy, I guess you could call it? Among these nerves, last minute packing, and loads of excitement I’m trying to fit in a blog post just so I’m not a complete blog absentee.  Everytime I glance at the clock, I’m reminded that tomorrow brings a whole new level of adventure – alone and traveling to London without knowing a single soul. I’m excited – no, scratch that – I’m ecstatic for all that’s around the corner. With my summer ending and school calling via London, here’s how I decided to spend the last bits of leisure and summer wonders.10592835_10152317695443456_6063358313131462962_nThe view from our hotel room, both enchanting with the mountains and seriously urban with the typical Los Angeles developments. Wonderful to wake up to and even more wonderful to go to bed to.  My Seattle sister and world explorer of a friend, Julia, and I took a quick (but massively successful) trip to LA to celebrate the end of summer, her getting back from Paris and me leaving for London.  What a trip it was.10635860_10152315765158456_47861038932317387_nWe went to The Grove’s twin Americana in Glendale for a evening of window shopping (no income + leaving for London = attempting to save money) and hopeful celebrity spotting. Perhaps the most wonderful Anthropologie led us to giving the typical blog photo shoot a try.  All smiles and anxiety thinking about adventures ahead! 10603726_10152315764818456_5528120911777862353_nThe original Crispy Rice with spicy tuna at Katsuya. It really doesn’t get much better – as we sat there, the heat died down and the fountains began their show while the sun set. Absolute perfection!10687113_10152315765083456_2741880861031305103_nThe inevitable stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes for the heaven made Nutella cupcake was worth all the hype.  From the bite I had, it was something that makes me reconsider not enjoying cake. Mmm mmm mmm delicious!1501602_10203645377828347_8121612076528397579_oNow on to the main event of our trip – seeing the British boy band, One Direction, in all their glory at night one of their Rose Bowl stop.  Being born in the 90’s, I totally was a fan of N*SYNC but was always too young to go and see them when they came around to Northern California. So some fifteen years later and a boy band that isn’t too young to make us stand out as old geezers, this opportunity had to be taken.10660150_10152317695148456_399209362353320506_nIt was definitely one for the books.  There were fireworks, confetti and definitely one too many screaming, crying girls (I was not one of them, thank you very much).  With some strings pulled, we ended up with incredible seats, just four rows from stage and VIP passes to let us into a special pre-concert party.  Just being in the Rose Bowl was a success and top that off with five British boys and some pop songs, it was a wonderful night.


Goodbye summer, goodbye California sunshine… I’m ready for some sweater wearing and tea drinking.  My bags are packed and the passport is stored in my purse. I am incredibly excited for all that is to come and I know that this is only the beginning of a life full of wanderlust and adventure.

What are you looking forward to this fall?  How do you celebrate the end of summer? Keep up to date with all my adventures and more by subscribing for email updates!

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